Monthly Moon Events Table

Events for May 2019

Here are the primary events for May 2019 beginning first with a new moon. Then displaying the first quarter, full moon, third quarter, and ending with the last new moon for the chosen month.

The phases of the Moon are:

  • New Moon Saturday May 4 2019
  • 1st Quarter Sunday May 12 2019
  • Full Moon Saturday May 18 2019
  • 3rd Quarter Sunday May 26 2019
  • New Moon Monday June 3 2019

CE or BCE?

Many of us are familiar with the terms B.C. and A.D. The abbreviation B.C. has traditionally been designated as dates before the birth of Christ (B.C. = Before Christ). Dates after Christ's birth are often referred to as A.D. which is an abbreviation for the Latin term "anno Domini" meaning "in the year of the Lord".

Some historians have adopted an alternative dating system, which use B.C.E. (Before the Common Era), and C.E. (the Common Era). These old, and new terms are equivalent:

  • BC is the same as BCE
  • AD is the same as CE

All of the calculations here assume you want to look up the moon phases for dates after the year 1, that is, C.E. dates.

It may interest you to know that the use of CE & BCE, as opposed to AD & BC has been controversial, and there are many pages on the Internet discussing the use of the various terms.

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